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Joe and Joanie Madden
Joe and Joanie Madden
Accordion and flute music from father and daughter
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A Galway Afternoon

   I got a call in the shop in early August 2010 from Helen Madden in New York. She explained that her late husband,Joe, and daughter , Joanie, had a new album out and she was very happy with it and he definitely would have been proud to put his name to it.

   We had heard of the possibility of this cd seeing the shelves of our shop so we were thrilled when it arrived a week later and we all listened to it,avidly. We weren't disappointed.

   I remember Joe's visits to the shop and remarking on his warmth,joviality and niceness. I never heard him play but many musicians visiting the shop would always comment on his passionate playing in sessions where he gave it his all and was the heart and driving force of epic sessions.

   He lives in our minds and hearts with this great recording. 

Price: EUR17.00

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